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Rebecca Judd: Wannabe WAGs are just sad

Rebecca Judd and her son Oscar. Photography by Marnie Haddad, styling by Mattie Cronan and Jamela Duncan.
She might be Australia's number one WAG but Rebecca Judd thinks girls who are desperate to land an elite sportsman are "sad".
Rebecca, 30, knows only too well that there are girls whose sole ambition in life is to date a sportsman, who aspire to the dizzy, C-grade celebrity heights of WAG-dom.
"They don't want to do anything [else], they just want to be on the arm of a football player, which is sad," Rebecca, a speech pathologist, tells the September issue of The Australian Women's Weekly.
"You see them at certain places and you think, oh God, you have no idea."
For WAGs-in-waiting, Rebecca is the ultimate idol — a young model who won instant fame with a show-stopping red dress at the Brownlow Medal night and went on to marry Carlton captain Chris Judd, have his baby and launch a TV career.
Her blog, Rebecca Judd Loves, means wannabe WAGs can learn at the foot of the master.
Since its launch eight months ago, acolytes have turned up at her hairdresser or make-up artist with overflowing files of Bec clippings, hoping to remake themselves in their idol's image.
"My physio or whoever will say, 'Oh my God, we had some crazies in here,'" says Rebecca, laughing.
"I think people have the wrong idea. I'd like to think that I'm a smart person and it's more ... hard work and getting an education that have got me the opportunities than being married to my husband."
Last month, Rebecca went public with her second pregnancy. Her two-year-old son Oscar is looking forward to being a big brother, something he will get to do at least once more if Rebecca has her way.
"The big-picture goal? Just keep breeding," she laughs.
Read more of this story in the September issue of The Australian Women's Weekly.

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