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Rebecca Harding hospitalised after nasty bike accident - but boyfriend Andy Lee is by her side

Get well soon Bec!

By Rebecca Sullivan
Rebecca Harding has been hospitalised after suffering several rough injuries following a nasty bike accident over the Christmas break.
The model and influencer's boyfriend, radio and TV star Andy Lee, uploaded a shocking photo of his partner lying in a hospital bed after the terrible incident.
"Bec bought us bikes 🚲 for Christmas and immediately showed me how not to use them," Andy joked in his Instagram caption, alongside a photo of Bec in a neck brace.
"She's okay. Brace was just for precaution. A new elbow is on order," he reassured his followers.
"Love you @rebeccalharding xx".
Bec was sent to hospital following the accident. Instagram
Andy and Bec have been dating since 2015. Instagram
Bec and Andy have been together for almost five years now, but they actually broke up for a short period of time at the beginning of their relationship.
They first started dating in January 2015, but about 18 months later in July 2016, Andy confirmed they were no longer together.
"I am worried about you because you know that Bec and I broke up a little while ago," Andy told his radio co-host Hamish Blake on-air at the time.
But a few months later, the pair reconciled, and have been treating us all with loads of adorable couple Instagram selfies ever since.
Bec and Andy love a coupled-up selfie on Instagram! Instagram
Bec, 27, is more than ten years younger than Andy, 38, and met her beau in a cafe while she was still a university student.
"I caught her eye and I was attracted to her. Just the way she was treating other people, she had a lovely demeanour," Andy told Hamish on their radio show in 2015.
"I was trying to chat to her, so I was ordering a lot. I had like an hour and a half breakfast and you know I don't really like that because I like getting in and out in food situations," he joked.
While Bec confessed she was initially unsure if Andy was a bit of a "sleazebag", because of his long stint as a single bloke and his infamous Cleo Bachelor of the Year title, she soon realised he was anything but.
"She soon realised I was quite the dork and quite the opposite," Andy told OK! magazine in 2017, revealing he ended up leaving his email address on a napkin for Bec.
"He's a really sweet, kind, generous person," Bec says of Andy.
WATCH BELOW: Andy Lee confesses he accidentally said "love you" to an ex. Story continues after video.
And if you're hoping to see a pregnancy announcement from these two soon, you'll be holding your breath.
Andy says for the moment they're happy with just the two of them.
"I'm happy with the sleep at this stage," Andy joked recently.

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