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Andy Lee's long term girlfriend Rebecca Harding shared an intimate tribute to celebrate his big milestone

There is only love.

By Faye Couros
For the longest time, Hamish Blake made it his mission to set up his right-hand man, Andy Lee, with a girlfriend, but as we all know, Andy didn't need his mate's help when he met the gorgeous Rebecca Harding while she was working as his waitress at a café.
The couple has become even stronger over the past six years, and Australia is waiting for them to one day make that next step, but until then, we can enjoy the cute moments they share with fans.
In true loved up style, Rebecca took to Instagram to dedicate a birthday tribute to Andy, who turned 40.
The 31-year-old posted a series of sweet, goofy and candid videos of Andy over the year, and it's a close look into the day-to-day of their infectious relationship.
She captioned the post, "Happy 40th Birthday to the best person I know.🌞
"Life with you is filled to the brim with love, laughter and a tonne of dancing. I love you @andytomlee!"
Hamish Blake's wife, Zoe Foster Blake, posted a hilarious comment under the video.
"40. Must be nice," she quipped.
Andy and Rebecca celebrating her birthday last week. Instagram
As the good boyfriend he is, Andy thanked his girlfriend on his Instagram story by reposting the video and writing underneath, "Thanks for my little tribute @rebeccalharding."
A few days before Andy's milestone birthday, the couple celebrated Rebecca's 31st birthday.
Andy wrote the sweetest message to mark her occasion with a series of cute photo's together on his Instagram.
"Happy Birthday to the most special person in my life!
Pic 1: Still has a mouthful 😂
Pic 2: Approved pic
Pic 3: Sorry I posted a photo of you with a mouthful!
Love you 😍," wrote Andy.
"P.S. she is the luckiest girl." Instagram
Rebecca returned the love by commenting, "P.S. she is the luckiest girl," under his tribute dedicated to her.
They are indeed fortunate to have found each other.