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Rebecca Gibney: "Richard Wilkins broke my heart"

Rebecca Gibney says Richard Wilkins, broke her heart by cheating on her with a flight attendant.

Rebecca Gibney has spilled all the details on her secretive past relationship with Richard Wilkins, revealing that he broke her heart, cheating on her with a flight attendant.
"I was madly in love with him,” Rebecca told Fitzy and Wippa in an interview on Nova FM.
“I thought we had a future together…until that fateful day," she added ominously, before bursting into laughter – clearly at a place now, many years later, where she is able to have a laugh as she reflects back on the relationship.
Now 50, Rebecca revealed that the pair had had a fling when she was 22 and entertainment presenter Richard, or “Dickie” was 32 – but things soon came to a sticky end.
"We were together and I was living in Melbourne and he was in Sydney and we had been together a while.”
"I gave him a rose and he took it on the plane and I said `I'll see you soon sweetheart'.”
Rebecca, who is starring in the new mystery series Winter, premiering this week on Network Seven, first revealed that she and her fellow Kiwi Richard had had a relationship back in 2011.
This time though, Rebecca dished all the dirt on exactly how the relationship came to an end, revealing that Richard had handed over the rose she’d given him, to someone else.
"He gave the rose to the flight attendant who he was having a fling with!.. who I might add he ended up marrying."
Rebecca was very gracious about it on air, saying: “May the best woman win, and she was obviously the best woman!”
Rebecca at the Nova studios for her interview on The Fitzy and Wippa Show.
Richard made a mistake though: "He didn't realise there was a card and I put `I miss you on it' and she found the card," she said.
As to whether things get tricky these days when the two high-profile showbiz personalities bump into each other on the red carpet, Rebecca said: "It was a bit messy for a little while because he did break my heart a little bit, but no we’re mates now.”
Just to prove she’s moved on, Rebecca added: "He’s a lovely guy, and I have no hard feelings at all because he has a good heart."
It seems that all in all, Rebecca has clearly moved on. Now married to production designer Richard Bell with a ten-year-old son Zachary, she was able to have a good laugh about the past relationship, at one point adding with a giggle: "Richard, if you’re listening please forgive me!"

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