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Rebecca Gibney’s unrecognisable throwback pic will have you doing a double take before rushing to the hairdresser


By Maddison Hockey
Throwback celebrity photos always manage to bring us a little bit of joy. Today, that joy has been brought to you by Packed To The Rafters star Rebecca Gibney.
Sharing the flashback to her Instagram, we had to stop and rub our eyes after almost scrolling past the unrecognisable snap.
Posing alongside TV presenter Jo Beth Taylor, Rebecca is rocking a bright red 'do and '60s style makeup and it has us convinced she could become a full time redhead!

"It's hump day gang. Go slay the day!" she simply captioned the snap before crediting her fan page for sending her the photo.
The photo is a throwback to Rebecca and Jo's time on Happy Days – The Arena Mega Musical which debuted in Sydney in October 1999.
Rebecca played Miss Frost while Jo Beth played Laura in the production which brought to life some of the most beloved rock 'n' roll songs of all time.
Rebecca Gibney is returning to her beloved Rafters' character soon. (Supplied)
The 56-year-old recently wowed her fans by showing off her dramatic body transformation.Posting on Instagram, the Kiwi-born actress revealed she has been trying to lose the weight she gained for a role she played nine years ago.
"In 2012 I gained a lot of weight to play the role of Shirley Moochmore in PJ Hogans wonderful film Mental," the star wrote.
"As you can see from the pic Shirley had a good set of bingo wings going and after 9 years I finally thought I'd try and give the wings the flick."
The actress recently showed off her dramatic weightloss. (Instagram)
Rebecca went on to ensure her fans she is not in a rush to achieve a 'bikini bod' and that her current fitness regime is more for her mental state.
"The thing is I'm not in a hurry and while I have managed to lose some weight and tone up I still have loose skin, cellulite, wobbly bits , wrinkles, freckles, age spots - you name it.
"I'm a mum, I'm over 50 and things will never be what they were and that's ok. Because what's important is I feel healthier and fitter than I have in a long time."

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