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WATCH: Rebecca Gibney leads an all-star Aussie cast in a heartwarming rendition of Love Is In The Air

Can you name everyone in the clip?

By Alex Lilly
With everyone staying at home away from friends and loved ones, we all need a little bit of fun and laughter right now. And Rebecca Gibney has delivered just that.
The 55-year-old Packed to the Rafters star has shared a morale-boosting video to her Instagram profile, which features herself and several other high-profile Aussie celebrities lip syncing along to John Paul Young's classic hit Love Is In The Air.
Rebecca Gibney dances with her son. (Image: Instagram @rebeccagibney_)
Rebecca explained in her caption that the video aims to "share the love" but admitted she wasn't sure if it would be appropriate to share such a video.
"The world is a tough place right now. I even hesitate to post this because some may see it as frivolous in such a time of uncertainty but I think we could all use a break from the sadness and when I asked a few mates if they wanted to spread a bit of joy these brave kind souls didn't hesitate to say yes," she explained.
"We also want to send out a massive THANK YOU to our incredible medical professionals and all the wonderful essential folk who are out there protecting and providing. Thank you also to everyone that has heeded the call to stay home".
She then shared an inspirational quote seen on a friend's Facebook profile that read: "And then the whole world walked inside and shut their doors and said we will stop it all. Everything. To protect our weaker ones, our sicker ones, our older ones. And nothing. Nothing in humankind ever felt more like love than this".
"And on that note I hope you enjoy this little bit of love from us. Stay safe, stay well and Be Kind".
Lisa Wilkinson dances with her vacuum cleaner. (Image: Instagram @rebeccagibney_)
Amanda Keller's kitchen looks like a baker's haven! (Image: Instagram @rebeccagibney_)
The video features Rebecca and her famous friends dancing and singing in their homes doing all the social isolating activities we can think of from washing their hands to shaking up cocktails.
Among the famous Aussie faces in the video, viewers can see Amanda Keller, Rodger Corser, Georgie Parker, Lisa Wilkinson and Sam Neill just to name a few.
Rebecca's Packed To The Rafters co-stars Erik Thomson and Hugh Sheridan were also featured in the clip.
Rebecca's on-screen son Hugh Sheridan showed off his performance skills. (Image: Instagram @rebeccagibney_)
Deborra-Lee Furness joined in on the fun, but where was her theatrical husband Hugh Jackman? (Image: Instagram @rebeccagibney_)
Rebecca's celebrity friends and video co-stars were quick to share their messages of excitement and congratulations.
Home and Away's Georgie Parker wrote, "Ahh this is SO fun. A loving tonic. Good on you sweetheart for your commitment to spreading some joy at this time".
"Just a normal day at our house," Rodger Corser joked before congratulating Rebecca.
"Spreading the love @rebeccagibney_ style .. Nothing says We're All in This Together like really bad dancing and miming .. Well done gorgeous you xx," The Morning Show's Larry Emdur penned.
Watch the full clip in the player below and see if you can spot all the celebs. Post continues after video...

Rebecca has also been using her social media account in light of the coronavirus pandemic to support those working in the arts who have lost their jobs during this trying time.
Alongside a photo of the Packed To The Rafters cast and crew, she urged all professionals in the film, television, entertainment and arts world, to join the challenge and post a photo of themselves and their job "to flood social media with our profession".
"I am not intending to make any claim for myself - I am simply supporting the thousands of freelance artists and technicians I have worked with over the years who have lost their jobs and their income.

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