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Aussie icon Ray Meagher shared more details about his surprise surgical procedure and retirement plans

''They opened me up."

By Faye Couros
It would be hard to imagine Australian TV without Home and Away's iconic star Ray Meagher because he has stolen the hearts of audiences young and old for generations.
However, speaking to Fitzy and Wippa, the 76-year-old shared details about his surprise triple bypass, which has us fearing we may be seeing less of the stalwart in Summer Bay soon.
But, in true Ray style, he reflected on the surgical procedure with a good sense of humour.
"Well they opened me up but I thought I'd have a double bypass, the doctor came in a couple of nights later, splattered in blood, he'd had a crack in a few other people.
Ray with his Logie. Getty
"I said 'how'd it go, are both in tubes tied up alright'? He said "what do you mean both?" he said.
"You had a triple!". While he was in there he saw something that looked a bit ordinary so we thought why not, by two get one free!" Ray told the radio hosts.
Even though to most people, it would be hard to be so seemingly unfazed about receiving a triple bypass, Ray is taking it in his lighthearted stride because it won't be long until he has to go through the ordeal again.
The actor told Fitzy that he has been getting the procedure done regularly for the past few decades and that he expects to receive another one in six months.
Ray on the set of Home and Away. Getty
"It has been five yearly for the last 20 or 30 years or something but the last one I did, I don't think Julie McGaurran thought I'd live another five years.
"So she only offered three and she rang the other day and said "Jeez three years have gone quickly, we better have another chat", so she must think I'm gonna live another one year anyway, she'll probably offer six months!"said Ray.
Ray's friendly face and grandfather vibes have already been immortalized, but the actor revealed that he has no intention to step away from soapy life just yet, which is good news for fans of Home and Away.
"Well Fitzy, my mind is wondering a bit at the moment, occasionally it wanders into retirement but then quickly turns around and thinks well what are you going to do there!" said Ray.
"It has been five yearly for the last 20 or 30 years." Getty
Ray also took a moment to talk about former Home and Away star Johnny Ruffo who is currently battling cancer for the second time.
When Wippa asked him how Johnny is going, the veteran actor had the highest praise for the young actor.
"You've embarrassed me, I've gotta go see him. He's a good bloke, it's just so indiscriminate. It's usually the good guys that cop it. I reckon I could live to 300!"

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