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Would you drink these coffees?

Rainbow lattes are the latest craze to hit Australia.

The world is going nuts over brightly coloured everything, like bagels and grilled cheese – and now coffee.
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Yep, a café in Melbourne’s Brighton called Too Many Chiefs is now creating rainbow lattes with swirls of bright colours.
But it’s not all bad preservatives – this colourful concoction has zero caffeine and is instead made out of turmeric, beetroot and matcha.
Pic: @too_manychiefs
The café owners claim it’s full of vitamin C, helps fight the flu, boost your immune system and acts as an anti-inflammatory.
You can buy the drinks in separate flavours and ‘golden’ latte (made out of turmeric) is increasing in popularity.
Pic: @too_manychiefs
This comes after the world went nuts over this image of deconstructed coffee served in a Melbourne café, saying that the ‘hipsterism’ of coffee has gone too far.
Rainbow lattes were said to be originally created by Las Vegas barista Mason Sailsbury, who puts coloured food dye in steamed milk when pouring out the drinks. These are his creations below.
Pic: @ibrewcoffee
So, what do you think of these rainbow lattes? Would you give it a go?
VIDEO: See barista Mason Salisbury create this mesmerising rainbow latte

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