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Princess Mary's pride and joy!

The Christening of her twins topped off an emotional and happy Aussie family reunion for Princess Mary.
Meet the very cute Prince Vincent Frederik Minik Alexander, and his dear little sister, Princess Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda. Mathilda appears to be a generous nod from Mary to her Aussie homeland.
The christening ceremony at The Holmen’s Church in Copenhagen is the latest magical chapter in the ongoing real-life fairytale that is Princess Mary.
And judging by the look on a very proud Mary’s face, she was enjoying every second. She good-naturedly shrugged off tabloid reports of Prince Frederik’s alleged drunken antics in a Copenhagen nightclub, where he was pictured hugging a “mystery blonde” last week. It later emerged the woman was Jeppe Handwerk, a close friend of Mary and Fred.
Just as she did with the christenings of her first two children, Prince Christian and Princess Isabella, Mary managed to combine the pomp and rich splendour of Danish royal history with the laid-back, understated feel of an Aussie family gathering.
Taking pride of place at the baptismal font was Mary’s beloved big brother, John Donaldson, 40, who has been given the honour of becoming a godfather to Prince Vincent, while Mary’s sister, Patricia Bailey, 43, is one of little Princess Josephine’s godmothers.

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