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Prince William's hero helicopter rescue

Putting the hype of the royal engagement aside, Prince William is also getting attention for his role in the rescue of a hiker who was suffering chest pains on a mountainside in northern Wales on November 18.
In his role as a Royal Air Force Sea King helicopter pilot, Prince William was called out to assist hiker Greg Watkins, who was suffering from chest pains, the UK's Sunday Mirror reported.
The rescue saw the 28-year-old newly engaged prince and a team of three others fly through a storm more than 900m over Snowdon mountain to reach the hiker.
"I didn't know much about what was happening at the time," Watkins said.
"The winchman helped me out and onto a stretcher and whispered, 'Prince William's just flown you here.' It didn't really sink in until I woke up after my operation. Now I think it's amazing."
Prince William was the hero of the rescue after manoeuvring the 22m-long helicopter through a break in the weather and guided it to a position that enabled the crew to reach Watkins who was then airlifted to hospital.
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