Treat yourself to a Nutella Pizza


Treat yourself to a Nutella Pizza

With winter well and truly here, there’s no better time to curl up in front of the lounge with a pizza.

So why not make it even better by making it a sweet variety?!

Coogee Pavilion’s pizza Maestro Vincenzo Biondini has shared his top tips for making it 100% delicious.

You’ll need:

Pizza base
Icing sugar
Shredded coconut
LOTS of Nutella


  • Purchase a pizza base as well as very ripe strawberries, some shredded coconut and icing sugar.

  • Cook the pizza base with a little bit of butter brushed across.

  • Once the pizza base is cooked, pour that Nutella on! And don’t be stingy, it’s a dessert pizza after-all!

  • Top with the deliciously ripe strawberries, coconut and sprinkle with icing sugar.

  • Find your favourite gelato and add on a few scoops

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