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Madonna’s 57th birthday party was so insane the police were called!

She may be 57, but Madonna can still party harder than you!

Call us old-fashioned, but when we envision our 57th birthday party, a few glasses of wine, good food and some old friends come to mind, not a raging celebration where the police need to be called – but then again, we’re not Madonna.
The pop star celebrated her 57th year of life over the weekend and according to TMZ it was nothing short of a rager, going on into the early hours of the morning.
Taking place in a high-end area of The Hamptons, the news website reports that at around 2:30am police arrived due to a disgruntled neighbor's noise complaint.
But not even the boys in blue could dampen Madonna’s good-time, with a source telling the site that the minute the authorities left the premises, the music was turned right back up again.
After a celebration that large, we’d have to spend the next day on the couch with a PowerAde and some ibuprofen – but again, we are not Madonna.
Madonna's kids, Lourdes, Rocco, Mercy and David all helped their mum celebrate her 57th!
The following day the Vogue singer jetted into Hollywood to continue the celebrations, this time at the cabaret-themed ‘M bar’, surrounded by her adoring kids.
This event was a tad more traditional as the Grammy winner was presented with a gorgeous cake and a very cute puppy as a gift!
Happy Birthday Madge, thanks for continuing to show us how it’s done!

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