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Could this Hollywood A-lister be Pia Miller's new man?

The brunette beauty looks to be enjoying a fresh romance.

Former Home And Away star Pia Miller has wasted no time in moving on from her recent broken engagement to Tyson Mullane - and appears to be enjoying a sizzling romance with suave Belgian actor Matthias Schoenaerts.
The Chilean actress and mum-of-two, 35, moved out of the Sydney home she shared with Tyson months ago, according to The Daily Telegraph in April.
The pair has since unfollowed each other on Instagram and there is no trace of the engagement announcements that previously appeared on their social media accounts.
Rumours continue to circle that Tyson Mullane and Pia Miller have split. (Image: Instagram)
And while Pia hasn't publicly declared herself off the market, it seems she's been enjoying a secret fling with Matthias, 41.
The couple have been sharing cute and cryptic love notes on their Instagram pages, with the actress posting bikini and beach shots from the exotic Greek island of Kastellorizo.
Her holiday posts haven't gone unnoticed by The Danish Girl star, who gave away his plans to join Pia on the Mediterranean island.
He wrote "agapi mou" – which is Greek for "my love" – along with a heart-eyes emoji on a recent post, which Pia had commented on with a trail of star and love heart emojis.
Matthias wrote, "Coming sooooooooooonnnnnn" under this snap of Pia on Instagram. (Image: @pia/ Instagram)
Meanwhile, Pia used the hearts eyes emoji under a photo of Matthias. (Image: @__zenith______/ Instagram)
Under another post of a bikini-clad Pia jumping into the water, Matthias wrote, "Coming sooooooooooonnnnnn" with the cosmic collision and four-leaf clover luck emoji.
It's no surprise that the ex Summer Bay starlet has landed herself a new Hollywood man, having spent extended periods of time in LA to get her acting and modelling career off the ground Stateside in recent months.
Matthias Schoenaerts seems smitten with the former Home and Away star. (Image: Getty)

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