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Home and Away's Pia Miller lands major Hollywood role alongside Eva Longoria

From Summer Bay darling to Hollywood siren, Pia is making waves on the big screen these days.

By Jess Pullar
She's come a long way from Summer Bay.
Former Home and Away actress Pia Miller left the Bay - and our television screens - a year ago as she set her sights on Hollywood, and she's already swept up some major roles, including one rather significant live-action project alongside one of the biggest actresses in Hollywood.
Pia is making waves on the big screen. (Image: Getty)
The 35-year-old has landed a starring role in the live-action film of the popular kid's television show Dora the Explorer. Miller will play 'Mami', Diego's mum, and Dora's aunty.
Landing the role of Dora's mum is Eva Longoria, a Hollywood stalwart who rose to fame for her role in Desperate Housewives.
The movie, which was filmed on the Gold Coast, has just wrapped. A production spokesperson from the film confirmed to the Daily Telegraph that Pia was indeed taking a leading role in the film.
"[I] can confirm Pia Miller as Diego's mother in the film. Diego was played by Jeffrey Wahlberg," they said.
The former Home and Away actress will star alongside Eva Longoria. (Image: Getty)
Pia has had a steady slew of acting gigs since leaving her role as policewoman Kat on Home and Away, including Channel Nine's crime drama Bite Club.
Last year, Pia let slip that she was working on the feature film in Queensland.
"The creative process, whether it comes in the medium of film or TV, I don't mind which one I do," she told the Daily Telegraph.
Pia is a mum to two boys, Isaiah, 16, and Lennox, 12.
The actress and model has been open about body image in the past, admitting that she has insecurities.
'I still have my moments when I am self-conscious, we all do,' she previously told Yahoo! Lifestyle.
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Last year, Pia announced her engagement to long-term partner Tyson Mullane.
The pair had been dating for more than 18 months before he got down on one knee and popped the question under the guise of her birthday.
The 34-year-old mother-of-two exclusively revealed to TV WEEK that she wasn't expecting the proposal but is incredibly "excited" about her impending nuptials.
"It was the biggest surprise," she said.
"Tyson hid it behind my birthday celebrations so I had no idea, but it was wonderful."
Pia and partner Tyson Mullane announced their engagement late last year. (Image: Instagram / @pia)
Pia shares a close relationship with her two sons. (Image: Instagram / @piamiller)
Shortly after the announcement, Pia finished up her role on Home and Away. She said of her last day on the set: "It was super emotional."
She continued: "The cast and crew become an extended family, we spend more time with them then we do our own families sometimes so it was incredibly hard knowing I wouldn't be returning back on set the following week."