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Paul Hogan candidly opens up about his life during two-part series for Australian Story

Paul Hogan helped put Australia on the map with Crocodile Dundee.

By Anita Lyons
Aussie icon and true blue larrikin, Paul Hogan, has had a career that spanned almost five decades.
And in a new interview to celebrate 30 years of ABC's Australian Story, the Crocodile Dundee star has candidly opened up about his life in the spotlight.
The two-part series, which premiered on Monday night, saw Paul discuss marriage, his childhood and the infamous "sexist" sketches he partook in the 70s on The Paul Hogan Show.
Speaking about his first marriage to Nolene Edwards whom he tied the knot with in 1958 and had five children with, the star revealed that the pair got together because he was "a massive flirt".
"I liked her and she liked me, and we got married," he said.
"I actually had three sons by the time I was 22. But I sort of dug it, I loved it. And we grew up together, me and my kids."
Paul Hogan starring in Crocodile Dundee. (Source: Rimfire Films)
During filming of Crocodile Dundee in 1985, Paul met co-star Linda Kozlowski.
Director Peter Faiman revealed during the interview that his main star didn't care who would be playing opposite him.
"Paul wasn't interested in who that person might be," he said recalled. "As it turns out, of course, it was Linda Kozlowski.
"She came out to Australia not really knowing what she was getting into."
And just like their relationship on-screen - which developed over the course of the film, the pair's chemistry became undeniable.
"As the movie went on, they understood each other better and better and better. A lot of what we saw on air was true life," Peter revealed.
Paul Hogan and former wife, Linda Kozlowski. (Source: Getty Images)
The honeymoon was over (again) in 1986 when Crocodile Dundee was released and Paul fell in love with Linda. In 2016, Woman's Day revealed that Paul and his first wife Nolene did not speak for 17 years, even though they shared five children together.
The couple divorced in 1981 and less than a year later, Paul married Linda. Together, they welcomed their son Chance but it wasn't meant to be for Paul and Linda who split in 2013.
In a preview for the second episode of the two-part series, Paul admitted what he was like to be married to.
"I'm not a great husband," he revealed. "I'm good early."
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While his infamous film catapulted him to fame, Paul also starred in The Paul Hogan Show which was made up of a series of "dated" sketches poking fun at the behaviour of men.
The comedy also starred John Cornell and Delvene Delaney, who admitted during Australian Story, that it was "sexist" and wouldn't be allowed to air today.
"You wouldn't get away with it now. No way. It was a bit sexist and a bit racist," Delvene said, with Paul adding: "The sketches were designed, not for you to perv on the girls, but to show what idiots we men can make of ourselves over an attractive woman.
"So it is a bit sexist, and I apologise to the men."Australian Story continues on Mondays 8pm on ABC TV and ABC iview, Saturdays 7.30pm ABC News Channel, Sundays 2.30pm on ABC News Channel and 5pm on ABC TV.