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Pamela Anderson speaks out about her relationship with Julian Assange

“Julian is trying to free the world by educating it. It is a romantic struggle— I love him for this."

Pamela Anderson and Julian Assange. Not exactly two people you'd expect to run in the same circles, but that's exactly what they're doing.
We’re dubbing it the most unconventional relationship of 2017. At only four months in, that’s a big call - but we’re pretty sure it will hold its own.
Speaking to People, the Baywatch alum was keen to sing the praises of the WikiLeaks founder, but still coy on defining the relationship as romantic.
“I understand that our ‘affair’ and the curiosity surrounding that might bring some attention to his situation. That’s fine, but I’d rather not go into private details. Let’s just say everyone deserves love,” The 49-year-old said.
“We talk about the world,” she said. “He’s a very good teacher.”
On her website, Anderson explains why she feels so strongly about his circumstances.
“He is one of my favorite people- and he might be the most famous, most politicized refugee of our time. Famous for being persecuted,” Anderson writes. “Famous for being persecuted is not a position of power but a position of vulnerability.”

“Julian is trying to free the world by educating it. It is a romantic struggle— I love him for this.
“He is the strongest person I know but, living as he is is very unhealthy, demeaning and inhumane.”
Assange has previously spoken of his relationship with the Canadian-American actress.
“Pamela Anderson is an impressive figure. She's an attractive person and an attractive personality and whip-smart. She's no idiot at all - psychologically she's very savvy," he told KIIS FM’s Kyle & Jackie O Show.
When asked if he was in love, Assange told the radio station: "Over the last two years she has done more to try and get this Australian, me, out of detention without charge than the combination of the governments of Gillard, Rudd, Abbott and Turnbull."
"I mean I like her, she's great, but I'm not going to go into the private details."
Look, there’s every possibility (if not probability) that this relationship solely exists to try and garner more attention for Asssange’s bleak situation.
But even if the two are just friends, it still blows our minds they even got into contact and the actress regularly travels to London to visit him while he’s stuck in the Ecuadorian embassy.
It’s certainly a jump in a very different direction from a man who calls himself Kid Rock…

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