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Are Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne in love again?

The rock royalty pair have reportedly decided to give their marriage another shot after Sharon called in the divorce lawyers.

By Elizabeth Best
Ozzy Osbourne and his estranged wife Sharon Osbourne are said to have “fallen in love again”, according to a new report in Us Weekly.
A source close to the family told the publication that emergency couples' therapy sessions could be credited for the pair’s reconciliation.
Sharon made the decision to walk out on their 34-year marriage two months ago, over rumours of Ozzy’s infidelity with his hairstylist.
At the time, the 63-year-old said she needed “time to think” and had reportedly progressed as far as calling in the divorce lawyers.
The pair are said to have worked through their issues.
“I can’t keep living like this,” the host of The Talk had said on her show, referring to her putting up with her rocker husband’s philandering ways.
See the full interview with Sharon after the split below! Post continues.
She had missed the previous day’s show due to needing to take time to take stock of where her life and her marriage was at.
At the time news of the affair broke, she was heartbroken.
Sharon has been super busy with X Factor recently.
But as Sharon is Ozzy’s manager for Black Sabbath, she still had to do appearances with her husband regularly.
Sharon is ALL BUSINESS as Ozzy tries to pay her a compliment before they reconciled in the clip below. Post continues.
Onlookers at the time said that Ozzy kept continuing to try to connect with her but she wasn’t having a bar of it.
“She wasn’t into him hugging her at all,” an onlooker confessed to Us Weekly
But it seems Ozzy was determined to win back his wife, and it seems his efforts have finally payed off.
We're hoping it sticks this time!

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