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Owen Wilson really, really likes the word “WOW!”

He’s one of the most accomplished actors in Hollywood and now Owen Wilson is wow-ing audiences with his charm yet again.

By Blake Nadilo
If you’re a fan of Owen Wilson, you probably have no trouble hearing him say “wow” in your head with great clarity but one fan has taken it to the next level and made a side-splittingly gunny compilation of all of those moments.
From Zoolander to Wedding Crashers and everything in between, Owen Wilson has said “wow” in his films more times then you could ever imagine.
A fan decided to highlight the actor’s affection for the word in a YouTube video, which has since clocked up over one million views.
The two-and-a-half minute super-cut is solely comprised of every time the 46-year-old says “wow”.
The realisation of how many times and in the exact same tone the line is delivered will blow you away.
In fact, we’re left wondering whether the father-of-two has a clause in his contract allowing him to say “wow” at least twice per film.
Meanwhile the highly anticipated sequel Zoolander 2, in which Owen plays narcissistic male model Hansel Macdonald, will be released early next year and fans will no doubt be counting every single “wow” moment.
If you’re in need of a Tuesday pick-me-up watch the hilarious montage in the video player above

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