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Osher Gunsberg shares a throwback photo from an almost unrecognisable time - with an important message

The Bachelor host has come a long way.

By Jess Pullar
Osher Gunsberg is most famous for his affiliation with all things The Bachelor in Australia, but before that, he led a life no less important.
The iconic Aussie host has shared a throwback picture on Instagram where he looks worlds different to now, but that's not the only jarring thing about the image.
In the picture, Osher is seen with his former producer and camera operator.
The three are seen outside the White House in Washington DC, the place where just yesterday, chaos ensued as Trump supporters, also named domestic terrorists by Joe Biden in the aftermath, rioted on Capitol Hill.
In the wake of this troubling news, Osher shared the picture with a stirring message.
Osher shared this striking throwback picture from 20 years ago. (Instagram)
"This is the last time I was in Washington DC," he began the post.

"It was also the last day of a period of history known as "Pre 9/11". We skipped town that night and headed back to NYC, where the next stage of modern history began."
"Yesterday was the same. ⁠A day we'll remember as what things were like before the 6th of January 2021. ⁠Now, there is only after. ⁠How it looks, how we create it, how we shape it? ⁠That's up to us isn't it?"
He continued: "Please be safe. ⁠If you've read my book - you'll know these two men (who'd seen a fair amount of armed conflict through their careers) saved my bacon the next day, and one of the things that Ben said to me in my panic was 'Never forget the first casualty of war is the truth'. "
Osher ended the post with some striking words to remember.
"So be careful. ⁠Read well. ⁠Verify. ⁠Be prepared to feel like you don't know the full story and be ok with complicated explanations. ⁠Chaos is a weapon too. ⁠Try to stay resilient to chaos.⁠ Love from our family to yours."

Osher's fans took to the image to share their support for his words.
One fan described their own experience of the 9/11 attacks: "Wow. I know what you mean. I was flying out of NY on the evening of the 10th and landed in LA. Woke up next morning in time to see the 2nd tower go down and was stuck in LA for the next few weeks."
They continued: "Thought I'd never get home. Stay safe yourself Osher. Take extra care this next little while. Resilience is beautiful, but it needs cultivating too."
Osher's words were met with praise from fans. (Instagram)
More followers added their praise for Osher's post.
"So beautifully written," one commented.
"Wise advice, Osh!" Another said.
"Osher is always on the money," concluded a fan.
The TV host is currently holidaying with his family. (Instagram)
Osher has been taking some time out from work to enjoy a break with his family.
The TV host gave his fans an update a few days ago, explaining that his holiday plans had changed when he and his wife Audrey and children had arrived in Queensland, while the rest of his family remained stuck in New South Wales as the borders closed.
"Didn't stop G from being the best big sister ever and giving her youngest brother his first-ever swimming lessons.," he explained of Audrey's teenage daughter Georgia and their son, Wolfie.
Looks like Osher is counting all of his blessings during his summer break.

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