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Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling feel the burn in the Oscars edition of Mean Tweets

A very pregnant Natalie Portman also makes a cameo.

By Amber Manto
It’s Jimmy Kimmel’s most famous segment and now he's taken it all the way to the Oscars. We’re talking about Mean Tweets and this extra star-studded edition was even more scathing (and hilarious) than the original.
This special edition featured the likes of Hollywood legend Robert De Niro, La La Land royalty Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, Whoopi Goldberg, Tilda Swinton and a very pregnant Natalie Portman just to name a few.
Tinseltown's golden boy was first to be put in his place, although his mean tweet sounded more like a compliment than a dis.
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Oh, look at me... I'm Ryan Gosling. I have perfect bone structure and kind eyes... go f--k yourself Ryan Gosling.
Naturally, glorious Ryan took the backhanded compliment like the god he is. Smile and nodded. Sigh, amazing.
Next up was La La Land co-star Emma Stone, who copped it somewhat harder and really felt the wrath of the internet's hardest trolls.
Emma Stone looks like a crack whore, in every role she plays.
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Ouch harsh, but she nodded and took it on the chin because let's be honest, that's what Mean Tweets are all about.
Robert De Niro probably took out the award for the Most Heated Mean Tweet of the night and in true De Niro form totally owned it and scared the heck out of us too.
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Robert DeNiro is too old to be making gangsta movies still… dude needs to start playing grandfather roles or something.
The tweet fired up the legendary actor: "Yeah I am playing grandfather roles and pretty soon I’ll be playing great grandfather roles, f-k you.”
To everyone's surprise Natalie Portman, who had to pull out of attending the awards due to the impeding birth of her bub, made a cameo appearance.
I feel like if you went to lunch with Natalie Portman she would only order a hot tea with lemon and maybe some toast. Definitely not an entrée though.
To which Natalie whispered "you are wrong" and turned to the side to bless us all with a good look at her impressive bump.
Tilda Swinton was one of the lucky ones. She found out she actually has a twin.
Now is probably a good time to remind everyone about this dog who look like Tilda Swinton.
^ Uncanny???
And last but certainly not least, Whoppi Goldberg.
Tannar raised his arms and my dad looks at his armpit hair and says 'You look like you have Whoppi Goldberg in a headlock'.
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Thank you Jimmy, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.