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Olympia Valance on why she’s returned home after leaving Neighbours

The actress made the big move to LA earlier this year.

Since she left Neighbours earlier this year, Olympia Valance has taken the well-travelled path to Hollywood.
But being offered a role in new Australian drama Playing For Keeps – about the women behind the men who play Aussie Rules football – was just too good for the actress to pass up.
"I love it in LA, but this fell into my lap and it was so well written, I had to come back," the 25-year-old told TV WEEK on the Logies red carpet.
Olympia attends the 2018 TV WEEK Logie Awards.
"Going from a soap – which is so fast-paced and creates quick stories – is so different to this," she explained. "It's great to go in-depth with the stories."
But she didn't need much inspiration.
"I am this character. She's outrageous like me and I love taking risks."
Olympia is set to play Tahlia, a socialite who is engaged to the football club's captain.
"When I read the script, I just knew that I had to play Tahlia," Olympia laughs. "I was determined this character would be mine."

"It is incredibly exciting," Olympia says of landing the role. "I feel very honoured to be part of a show that I know is going to be something special."
Playing For Keeps is set to air on Network Ten in 2018. The upcoming drama series also stars Madeleine West, Anne Maynard, Isabella Giovinazzo, Jackson Gallagher, Annie Maynard, Cece Peters, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Kevin Hofnauer and James Mason.

Though the actress is excited to be working on projects back home, she insists she's been enjoying the LA lifestyle.
"I've been based in LA for the past few months," the brunette beauty reveals.
"I have been auditioning and spending time with my friends. It's been a really fantastic start to 2018."

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