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Olivia Newton-John’s missing boyfriend working in Mexico

Her ex-partner who’s been missing for over a decade is reportedly alive and well.

Evidence is continuing to mount that Olivia Newton-John’s boyfriend who mysteriously disappeared 10 years ago is working in Mexico.
Patrick McDermott vanished during an overnight fishing trip in California in 2005. He was believed to be dead however a body was never found.
But Radar is now reporting that McDermott is in fact alive and spends his days jumping from boat to boat to avoid being recognised.
“No one looks like him around here,” says Nuevo Vallarta port officer Emilio Oyarzabal Garcia who recognised McDermott.
“Sometimes tourists from Asia arrive on boats in groups, but he was alone.”
Sources also told Radar that he’s now reportedly working on a luxury boat for a wealthy Mexican family who know about his past and are protecting him.
Mrs Newton-John reported McDermott missing a week after he vanished when he failed to show up for a family gathering. She had been in the middle of a promotional tour in Australia at the time.
Shortly after, news came to light that he owed $8,000 to his ex-wife Yvette Nipar in child support. Investigators also revealed he had filed for bankruptcy, with total debts equalling $30,000.
Investigators started looking into the case two months after he disappeared and found that he’d faked his own death and was living in Mexico.
Olivia Newton-John married John Easterling in 2008
Investigator John Nazarian told Woman’s Day in March that McDermott withdrew his life savings from a bank account and filed for a passport under his birth name, Patrick Kim.
Investigator Philip Klein reported on the case which finished in 2009, claiming that he’d received a letter faxed to him on McDermott’s behalf.
It reportedly said: “Pat has asked that I portray to you his innocence. Pat has committed no crime. Pat simply wishes to be left alone.
“Let him live his life in peace and harmony. He is safe and has started anew again in a new place both physically and mentally. Stop this search immediately.”
In 2008, Mrs Newton-John married John Easterling, founder of natural remedy firm Amazon Herb Company.

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