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What made Olivia Newton-John snap at Delta Goodrem?

The Grease star is campaigning for Delta to be sacked from her biopic.

Olivia Newton-John is furious, and Delta Goodrem is to blame.
Months after it 
was revealed Olivia was doing everything in her power to derail the unauthorised biopic of her life, Delta has been announced as the lead role in the series, and the Grease star couldn’t be angrier.
“Olivia is raging that Delta has been chosen to play her,” spills an industry insider.
“It’s supposed to be a warts-and-all biopic and she can’t believe they’ve chosen Delta, someone she thinks cannot act."
"She’s furious her legacy is being tampered with, and on top of that she believes Delta will use the opportunity to release 
a number-one album of cover songs – making a tonne of money off Olivia’s work!”
Our source says that Grease star Olivia is raging that Delta has been chosen to play her.
The 68-year-old has reportedly expressed her dissatisfaction 
to producers FremantleMedia Australia, saying she’s mortified Delta’s been chosen.
It’s no secret the two women have quietly clashed for years.
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