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Olivia Newton-John reveals how cannabis has helped her cancer battle

I weaned myself off morphine with cannabis, which I want everyone to know.

By Jess Pullar
Say the name Olivia Newton-John and you're guaranteed to be met with an admiring reception.
Indeed the Aussie singer and actress has seen a glowing career that has garnered her an adoring fanbase and a supportive community that rally around her every move.
But for the talented 70-year-old, who is currently battling stage four breast cancer, life has been far from smooth sailing - and now she's opened up about it like never before.
Attending the 2019 Cannabis Science Conference in Portland this week, the Grease star and her husband, John Easterling took to the stage to discuss their experience in using plant based medicines.
Speaking about their relationship, Newton-John revealed that her husband grows her cannabis to help her combat her cancer.
And in fact, the singer also revealed this had helped her to wean herself off morphine, which she had been taking to deal with her illness.
The singer proudly declared: "I weaned myself off morphine with cannabis, which I want everyone to know."
Olivia and John have opened up in a candid on-stage chat at a Portland conference. (Getty)
Olivia also shared a surprising anecdote about her origins with the drug.
While she was on a trip to Peru shortly before she married Easterling in 2008, she explained how she had taken the hallucinogenic medicine Ayahuasca.
At the time, Newton-John was still processing what had happened with her previous boyfriend, who infamously disappeared in 2005.
After she was under Ayahuasca's influence, she explained she had visions of herself and new partner Easterling "in another lifetime".
She added that this had helped her move on from what had happened with her former partner, and "opened her heart" to the possibility of new love.
Olivia (pictured here in 2018) shared a poignant life changing moment. (Getty)
John, who is the CEO of a herb company, married Newton-John in 2008. But the pair originally met in the 1990s, which was when Olivia's experience with plant based medicine began.
Speaking at the conference, Olivia explained how she had met John when he came to stay with her and some friends in California.
"He left early in the morning, I didn't see him leave, but he drove off a cliff and fractured his back," Olivia said.
The hospital had called Olivia and her friends to bring John's plant-based medicine to the hospital - a painkiller called Recoverzon which he himself had created.
"It was the first time I was really aware of the power of plants because John came back to our house, Chloe was about nine at the time, and we massaged his back with the Recoverzon and to my amazement he left the next day," she said.
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At the time of John's accident, Olivia was battling cancer again.
John had sent her herbs which she explained "helped a lot".
"I've been taking Amazon herbs since then."
Daughter Chloe has been at her mum's side throughout her turbulent illness over the years. (Getty)
Olivia recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight, explaining that despite a challenging year, she is feeling healthy.
Attending the Industry Dance Awards & Cancer Benefit Show in LA in August, the singer-songstress looked radiant.
"I just want everyone to know, I'm here, I'm doing great. I'm doing really well and I'm really healthy," she said.
"It was a challenging year because I broke my sacrum and I had to learn to walk again and everything. But I am strong and I am back and I'm feeling good and loving every minute."
Newton-John recently attended the Industry Dance Awards & Cancer Benefit Show looking healthy and happy. (Getty)