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Asher Keddie: Kat Stewart is difficult to work with

The two Offspring co-stars joked about the rumours there's tension between them.

While rumours were flying last week that Offspring co-stars Asher Keddie and Kat Stewart were rivals behind the scenes, the two set the record straight last night on The Project ahead of Offspring’s season six premiere.
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The actresses joked around, with Asher (who plays Nina) saying: “She [Kat] has no filters. That's why she's so difficult to work with.”
It’s obvious both women (who play sisters on the show) have no ill feelings toward each other, and definitely shut down those reports that said there was major tension between them.
Earlier on the show, Asher joked, saying: “We're actually being quite shocked it's taken so long to come out,” and then addressed Kat: “I think it's really obvious, don't you?”
Kat and Asher on The Project last night
Kat was quick to reply, saying “it's not chemistry, it's my acting.”
Well, we guess that clears up the ‘tension’.
Ps. We’re so excited to have Offspring back on our screens!
VIDEO: Watch the two women joke about the rumours below:

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