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Party animal: Obama served as groomsman to one of his aides after star-studded farewell party

The POTUS made a quick trip to Jacksonville after throwing a wild star-studded farewell party at the White House.

President Barack Obama took time out of his busy final days in office to serve as a groomsman to one of his top aides, Marvin Nicholson.

He took Air Force One to Jacksonville to attend the wedding over the weekend. Nicholson married Helen Pajcic, who worked on his 2008 campaign.

As well as having the President up at the alter with them, Secretary of State John Kerry was also in attendance, acting as the officiant for the marriage ceremony.

Michelle Obama was not in attendance, perhaps due to the wild White House party which occurred on Friday evening. It was Obama's final White House party and he made sure he went out in style!

Meryl Streep, Paul McCartney and Tom Hanks were all in attendance and it's fair to say that the bash went on until the wee hours of the morning.

Guests said they "stumbled out of the White House" at 4am.

They were banned from recording inside the event but ta few pictures were shared on Instagram.

Bradley Cooper, David Letterman, Stevie Wonder, Charles Barkley and George Clooney thought to be among guests.

Pharrell Williams and Solange were said to have performed, while Obama himself reportedly stepped onto the dancefloor with Usher, Common and Robert DeNiro.

Now THAT we'd pay to see!

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