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Surprise! Nikki Webster just welcomed her second child

Well, she kept that quiet!

By Bella Brennan
Congratulations are in order for Australian sweetheart Nikki Webster, who has revealed she and her husband Matthew McMah welcomed a son called Malachi four weeks ago.
Nikki, 30, made the surprise announcement during an appearance on Sunrise this morning.
Watch in the player above: Nikki shares her bombshell baby news!
The star, who rose to fame during the 2000 Sydney Olympics thanks to her incredible performance of Under Southern Skies, hadn't even confirmed she was pregnant so it was a double whammy of exciting news.
"I am super happy. I have my princess Skylah and Malachi," Nikki explained to weather presenter Sam Mac.
Malachi joins big sister Skylah, three.
WATCH: Nikki's rise to fame. Post continues...
Nikki rose to fame during the Sydney Olympics in 2000 - and now she's a mum of two!
According to Nikki's mum Tina, Skylah is a dead ringer for the singer.
“Nikki was virtually identical to this one,” Tina told Woman's Day in 2015.
“Except Skylah has more hair. I had to stick a bow to Nikki’s head with sticky tape because she had no hair!”
It's been a huge year for the mother-of-two after she relaunched her classic noughties banger, Strawberry Kisses, in April to help raise money for the Starlight Children's Foundation.
"We certainly had no intention to widely promote the song with the aim of a chart position," Nikki, who runs her own dance school, explained to The Music of the sentimental reboot.

"[It was] simply [to] have a bit of fun and allow people to reminisce for the purpose of supporting a worthwhile charity in Starlight Australia."
"I think its something people needed at this time, a chance to have fun and think about fun times shared with friends over a song when they were young."
A huge congrats to Nikki and Matthew on the safe arrival of your son, we hope he's getting lots of strawberry kisses!