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EXCLUSIVE: Nikki Webster's daughter dances to Strawberry Kisses and our hearts can't take it

''I'm still missing your strawberry kisses...''

By Anita Lyons
Nikki Webster's song Strawberry Kisses was by far one of the best and most popular songs to come out of 2001 (don't @ me).
And while all of Australia fell in love with the bubblegum hit at the time, in more recent years, the song has a brand new fan - Nikki's daughter, Skylah.
In an interview with Now to Love, Nikki revealed that her daughter not only dances to the song in the living room, but is well aware about who her very famous mum is.
"She loves that everybody knows what I do and I think it's great that she does," she said. "I'm sure there will be a time that when kids of parents who are in the spotlight go, 'oh, that's so not cool' but when they're young I think they do like it and she knows the song Strawberry Kisses and she sings it to me and it makes me really proud.
"She'll also say: 'I think you're famous mum! Does that mean I'm famous too?" So cute!
"To me, I'm still cool. I may not be in the public, but at the moment I'm still cool mum, which is cool!" Nikki added.
Nikki as part of the Deliveroo campaign, Strawberry Kisses for One Hit Wonder Day and mini-me daughter, Skylah. (Source: Supplied/Instagram @dancenikkiwebster)
Nikki also admitted that she "hasn't found the time" to watch the Sydney Olympics Opening Ceremony with her children (which also includes son, Malachi, 23 months), however, they have seen snippets.
"She'll probably tell me to be quiet because I'll be like: 'then I had to do this and then I had to do that and then I was put there'. And she'll just tell me, 'mum, I just want to watch it!'
"She's certainly watched the flying and she's learnt about a lot about the Aboriginal cultures at school and I spoke about my experiences. Hopefully it makes her proud and it's something that she realises that this is my life."
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When it comes to Strawberry Kisses, Nikki reveals why she thinks the song was, and is, so popular.
"It's a bit of fun," she said. "It's not serious. And I think that whether you were like a young boy singing it to make fun of your friends - you'll remember it now or whether you were a young girl who really loved it and thought it was a really cool song.
"It just had an appeal. And I even see now running the dance studios, when we go to eisteddfods, kids and troupes are performing my song and they don't even know I'm going to be there."
The record catapulted Nikki into the realm of "tween pop star" - something which this country hasn't had since.
Overseas, there's the likes of JoJo Siwa and before her, Hilary Duff as Lizzie McGuire - but here, parents are turning back to Nikki for wholesome entertainment.
"It's age appropriate, has a fun message and really positive, so that's why the song lives on," she said.
Ahead of One Hit Wonder Day, Nikki Webster has partnered with Deliveroo to launch her first ever foray into food, a strawberry and chocolate dessert called (of course) "Strawberry Kisses". The sweet treat from Australia's sweetheart will be available from Max Brenner, exclusively via the Deliveroo app.
Nikki Webster's limited edition Strawberry Kisses will be available via Max Brenner on Deliveroo from 11:11am on Monday 23rd September for $1 whilst stocks last.