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The re-boot the world needed: Nikki Webster gives the people what they want with her new jam

Strawberry Kisses has been given a 2017 makeover and for that, we say thank you Nikki Webster.

By Chloe Lal
What a time to be alive.
Just one month ago, Nikki Webster blew our cotton socks off when she decided to traipse up the Sydney Harbour Bridge and delight us with her angelic voice, singing her classic hit Strawberry Kisses.
And it turns out the nation had been missing those kisses.
With the help of Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac, the 29-year-old Aussie icon just dropped the 2017 reboot of her iconic hit and it is bloody gold.
Nikki's dip back into the public eye is actually for a very charitable reason... The money made from the song is going straight to the Starlight Children's Foundation.
According to Sunrise the song has already raised "thousands" and if that wasn't enough, Nikki has delivered one final gift.
The video clip features her three-year-old daughter Skylah.
She's the proud mum to little Skylar, who she shares with hubby Matthew McMah.

Sam, Nikki, her dance troupe and the Australian girls' choir performed the song live on Sunrise in Sydney's Martin Place.
"Ignore the haters, the trolls and dissers and always believe in Strawberry Kisses," the weatherman announced before the city was treated to what this fan described as "vocal heaven."
"That was fabulous!" Kochie gushed afterwards.
And the audience agreed.
Catapulting out of the sky and straight into our hearts the then 13-year-old was the unequivocal star of the 2000 Sydney Olympic opening ceremony... And it looks like her daughter has her mum's charm!

"I think it is awesome, you are raising money for a good cause. Good on you both," one fan said.
Another praised, "You guys were fab good job xx"
Watching the performance will take you back to the magical year of 2000, when Nikki first tumbled out of the sky and into our lives.
The then 13-year-old wowed everyone when she performed at the Sydney Olympic Opening Ceremony.
These days, Nikki's is married and runs a dance school.
Speaking about her decision to take us down memory lane, Nikki told The Music, "We certainly had no intention to widely promote the song with the aim of a chart position."
"[It was] simply [to] have a bit of fun and allow people to reminisce for the purpose of supporting a worthwhile charity in Starlight Australia."
"I think its something people needed at this time, a chance to have fun and think about fun times shared with friends over a song when they were young."