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Australia's sweetheart Nikki Webster has dropped a brand new album and we're right back in 2001's Strawberry Kisses hey-day

20 years after her Sydney Olympics moment, the star still shines bright for Nikki.

Nikki Webster, certified icon of Australia, has released a new album just in time for Christmas.
Aptly named Girls, the features 12 new songs and has dropped on Apple Music and Spotify.
Featuring banger after banger such as Rubix Cube, I'm in Love with a Ghost and title track Girls, the album is guaranteed to bring you the nostalgia you never knew you needed as the year comes to an end.
The singer, now aged 33, announced the news on her Instagram account on Wednesday, writing: "I'm so excited to say, I've released a brand new album, Girls! The twelve new songs are available now on Apple Music and Spotify, link in bio. I hope you enjoy them!"
She shared the indigo, purple and pink themed album cover alongside the announcement.

Nikki shot to fame when she performed at the opening and closing ceremony of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, shortly following the now-infamous stint with a hit single Strawberry Kisses.
She released a song here and there over the next two decades, though never anything as big as an entire studio album.
Now, her next chapter begins - and Girls has all the makings of a Strawberry Kisses-worthy comeback.
In a Christmas-came-early blast from the past, Nikki Webster has released a new album. (Instagram)
Nikki's profile has remained largely under the radar over the last two decades - she married her husband Matthew McMah in 2011, with the couple having two children before separating in 2018.
In 2019, she appeared in The Masked Singer, lasting three episodes before being voted off.
Nikki is still thriving 20 years after her iconic Olympics appearance. (Instagram)
Just this month, Nikki spoke to Woman's Day about her two adorable kids, daughter Skylah, five, and two-year-old son Malachi.
Chatting about their sweet relationship with Nikki's dad, Mark, she said: "You know I was a little daddy's girl growing up so I just love watching the relationship with Skylah and him, and both my parents."
"My kids absolutely adore them! I often catch myself just watching them both interact with my parents and thinking to myself they're so lucky to have a nana and poppy so close to them," she said.
The former child star also spoke of a potential return to TV, saying she wouldn't say no to being the next Bachelorette.
"Australia's next Bachelorette, could you imagine?!" she mused, before adding "You know what? I could totally do that! One hundred per cent I'm there – how else do you meet men these days?"

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