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EXCLUSIVE: Nicole Kidman vows to take care of her mum

Nicole’s mother Janelle is set to move to the US after health scares and heartaches have plagued her.

Nicole Kidman couldn't have looked happier as she escorted her beloved mum Janelle to catch a Broadway play in New York City.
After the 78-year-old's hospitalisation in Sydney in 2016 with suspected heart problems, and a series of medical tests in May this year, the pair finally got the chance to have some fun together in the States.
"Nicole's been waiting for the moment her mum could be declared healthy enough to fly, so she could whisk her over to the US for them to spend some precious time together," says a source.
"Nic's been worried sick about Janelle and is so relieved to see her looking so strong and full of life – she looks years younger than she did after her heart scare. Nicole's so relieved."
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Nicole and Janelle hit up Broadway for some mother daughter time.
The Kidman family matriarch has endured a tough time over the past few years.
She suffered through the shock loss of her husband Dr Antony Kidman to a heart attack in Singapore in September 2014, closely followed by the tragic death of her former son-in-law, Antonia Kidman's ex Angus Hawley, in New York seven months later.
"Janelle's had a horrible time coping with her own grief, plus helping Antonia and Angus' children deal the loss of their father and grandfather," says a source.
"It took a terrible toll on her own health, but she refused Nicole's offer to relocate her to the US because she felt she was needed in Sydney and Singapore where Antonia's family is based."
The Kidman family was rocked by the death of Nicole's dad, Antony Kidman, in 2014.
Now Janelle has decided the time is at last right for a move to the US.
"Nicole has always said there's plenty of room for Janelle at her Nashville mansion," says an insider. "Plus, Nicole would like to give her sister a break. Antonia has six kids to look after, and she's been an amazing support to Janelle, but Nicole feels it's her turn to show her mum love and support."
Nicole, 51, also feels that after the support Janelle has given her through her career, her divorce from Tom Cruise, the rough early years of her marriage with Keith and looking after their two girls, giving Janelle an amazing quality of life in Nashville as she approaches 80 is the least she can do.
"It would mean the world to her, Keith and the girls to have Janelle with them."
"Since their holiday in New York, Nicole has mentioned she's never felt closer to her mum," says a source.
"In fact, she says they've become each other's best friend in addition to their amazing family bond.
"It would mean the world to her, Keith and the girls to have Janelle with them."

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