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Nicole Kidman says Keith Urban has been her 'rock'

Australian actress Nicole Kidman says husband Keith Urban has been her "rock" since her father's shock death last month.

The 47-year-old star told Mamamia that her partner had been very supportive of her family since Dr Anthony Kidman, died in Singapore on September 12. "I'm incredibly fortunate that I've managed to find an extraordinary man," she said. "He has been such a rock for me, through everything, particularly the last few weeks. He's just been divine; so full of love and support."
The actress and mother also said that Keith shared many of the same qualities as her father.
"It's amazing because Keith is so much like my dad. Seeing our two little girls climbing all over him and seeing him take care of them and hold them and be there for them, he’s just such a responsible, great man in their life."

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