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Nicole Kidman poses for fan 'selfie' on Strangerland movie set

She might be one of Hollywood's biggest stars, but Nicole Kidman is never too busy for her fans.

The 46-year-old mingled with locals and was even happy for a group of teenagers to snap a "selfie" with her.
Corinne Ilich, from Hammondville, managed to take a shot of her 13-year-old daughter, Janique, and eight-year-old son, EJ, with the Oscar winner.
"Nicole was absolutely lovely and made time to speak to the locals and take a group shot with all the kids when she came out of her makeup trailer," Ilich said.
"We were lucky enough to get an individual photo and EJ photobombed," she said.
"Nicole thought he was really funny when she turned around and saw him."
State MP for Menai, Melanie Gibbons, who has her electoral office at Hammondville, said everyone was excited to see the Hollywood starlet and the rest of the cast and crew.
"When people outside the office ask where my office is and I answer 'Hammondville', they often reply 'where?' - now I can say, 'you know, where Nicole Kidman made her new movie'."
Kidman flew into Sydney with her daughters Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret last week to start filming.
The trailers on set of Nicole Kidman's new movie, Strangerland.

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