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Nicole Kidman is Keith Urban’s biggest fan

Keith Urban is on the cusp of releasing his new album, and it already has one superstar fan, his wife!

By Chloe Lal
The married couple of ten years looked very smitten with each other as they posed for cameras at the American Country Music Awards in Las Vegas on Sunday evening.
Nicole, dressed in a colourful Alexander McQueen design, couldn’t stop gushing about her hubby’s new record.
Speaking about his collaboration with Pitbull for the song, Sun Don't Let Me Down, she quipped, "I definitely danced to that one. It is such a crazy good album."
And the 48-year-old didn’t stop her praise there.
Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, she said, "I've been living with all the songs and even the songs that didn't make the album," while Keith blushed next to his wife.
Of course the duo had their signature pose, "The Nuzzle", ready to go!
"I've seen the work [Keith] puts into it and the love. He's a musician, so every little tiny detail is all him, and I love that. I love that he's passionate about his music."
In the past, the American Idol judge explained how important the Oscar-winner is to his creative album process.
"Nic, of course, hears everything over the course of about 15 months [that] I've been working on this record, so she's heard everything over, and over, and over again," he said.
Nicole and Keith were recently downunder with their girls for the Easter long weekend.
"I'm interested in how I respond just when she's listening. Without her saying anything, I have a particular response that's not necessarily the same without her. So, it's important. I need the girl's view!"
The couple are clearly just as in love as they were when they tied the knot a decade ago. The Aussie starlet recently revealed that she’s happy with her family just the way it is and has no plans of expanding it.
"I wish I wasn't, but yes, I'm done with babies," she told Marie Claire in March.
"But it's a great time for us as a family because we've got these two glorious children who are five and seven and such a joy to be around."
Nicole is very happy with her family life.
Nicole, who is mum to Isabella and Connor, her adopted children with ex Tom Cruise, and Sunday and Faith, her biological daughters with husband Keith, also spoke about the longevity of her marriage.
"We spend five days apart at the most and that's it," she revealed.
"Once you commit to that, everything becomes simple because we make all of our decisions around that priority. I don't want to be away from him for one night, and I love that we both still feel the same way.”
"I just think we are meant to be together, it’s that simple," Nicole added. "We are just really into each other, and into our kids, and we're just a family."

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