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Nicole Kidman: I was such a dork!

She’s super-stylish now but the actress felt anything but glamorous when she was young.
With her flowing flame locks and a statuesque physique perfect for showcasing the lastest designer fashions on the red carpet, Nicole Kidman has long been one of Hollywood’s leading style icons.
So it may come as quite a surprise to hear her confess that, as a shy and insecure teenager, she secretly hated being so tall and thin, with “weird” unmanageable hair.
At just 13 years of age, the Oscar-winning star was already a towering 178cm. “I hated it,” Nicole recalls. “It made me feel very self-conscious. I used to confide in my mum, Janelle, who was tall too. She used to tell me that men liked tall women.”
That was no consolation to the gawky schoolgirl and aspiring actress, who would moan to her mother, “I’m not interested in men – I’m interested in boys!” Nicole, 43, reveals to UK newspaper The Sun that her lack of self-esteem made her feel “a bit odd”.
It also meant her teen years were “fairly boring” and “damn clean” when it came to members of the opposite sex.
“I had no regular boyfriend and no serious relationship until much later,” she confesses. “They nicknamed me Storky because of my height. You know what boys can be like… revolting.”

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