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Nicole Kidman's very unexpected hair "transformation" from her hit series The Undoing leaves her fans in stitches

The Australian actress made some unique tweaks to her appearance.

By Jess Pullar
Nicole Kidman isn't one to shy away from engaging in a little banter - but her latest public foray into the feat has one-upped it all.
When Nicole posted her latest Instagram update, it would be safe to say her fans immediately stopped scrolling in their tracks - and you don't have to look far to know why.
Sharing a picture from her hit series, The Undoing, a flame-haired Nicole is seen in character as New York-based therapist Grace Fraser with a little tweak.
Indeed the voluminous hair now iconic to Nicole, and certainly her character on the show, is exaggerated to the point where it may as well be a Narnia-esque lion's mane. Or a giant copper-toned shrubbery bush. Or a mountain top spilling mounds of ginger hair instead of lava.
Whatever you call it, there's no denying Nicole took the comic masterpiece in her stride.
Recognise her? Well, it'd be tough not to stop and stare at this pic. (Instagram)
"Hairlarious ... Yep, The Undone 😂 Thank you @kevinjzak," she wrote to the picture's original creator.
Her fans clearly picked up on the comedic sentiment.
The actress was flooded with multiple cry laughing emojis, as well as thousands of amused comments.
"You are the QUEEN. Thank you, Nicole," creator Kevin Zak wrote.
"Her hair is full of secrets," one fan quipped.
Another added some classic deadpan value: "My COVID hairdo."
Nicole sparked quite the response from her fans. (Getty)
Nicole's iconic red hair has long been associated with the actress - from her earlier films like Moulin Rogue, right through to recent projects like Big Little Lies where the actress went strawberry blonde and dead straight.
And in her latest role, which sees Grace's family at the centre of a murder mystery, her fiery red locks take centre stage as her character paces the streets of New York in distress for many a episode.
Either which way her hair is, the 53-year-old is a screen-chameleon, proving time and time again her talent for depicting roles familiar and entirely unfamiliar.
The Australian-born actress was recently back in Australia where she was filming TV mini-series Nine Perfect Strangers.
The actress has no doubt enjoyed being back home alongside her husband Keith Urban and her children, Sunday and Faith.
Speaking previously about her down time with extended family, including her sister Antonia, Nicole explained: "We never leave the kids, one of us is always there. When Keith went to Nashville and I had to work late nights, I rang Ant and asked her to move in with the girls and she did, and brought along her kids."
And despite a busy schedule, Nicole is clearly still finding plenty of things to laugh about - her Instagram is case in point.
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