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Seeing triple! Nicole Kidman's sweet tribute to her sister Antonia reveals just how strong those family genes are

A trifecta if we ever saw one.

By Jess Pullar
Nicole Kidman is known the world over for her iconic blue eyes and platinum blonde hair - but she's certainly not alone in the Kidman fold for boasting a such a striking look.
Indeed Nicole's younger sister Antonia, who has just turned 50, is also an inspiring woman to follow, much like her elder sibling - and a new photo has proved the pair are more similar than ever before.
Sharing a sweet snap for Antonia's birthday on July 14, Nicole wrote on Instagram: "To my sister, I love you so much. Happy Birthday gorgeous 🎂 Can't wait to see you again and cover you in kisses and love ❤️"
In the rare family picture, Nicole is seen alongside Antonia and her daughter (Nicole's niece), Lucia Hawley, as they smile widely in a sunlit room.
It's a picture worth coveting for the trio, who all share an uncanny resemblance - particularly around the eyes.
Take gander for yourself below!
Nicole shared this beautiful picture of herself, her sister Antonia and her niece Lucia. (Instagram / @nicolekidman)
The comments section was flooded with messages from fans as they joined in wishing Antonia a Happy Birthday.
"Happy Birthday to your beautiful sister!!" One wrote below Nicole's post.
"You both have the same beautiful smile!" Another added.
"Makes me miss mine [sister]," one fan mused.
Sisters Nicole and Antonia are incredibly close along with their mum Janelle. (Instagram / @nicolekidman)
Of course, the image must in itself be a precious momento for Nicole, who is currently separated from her family back in Australia due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Nicole has remained back in her US home in Nashville, while Antonia is in Sydney with her own family - including six children!
It was only a few days ago fans got a rare glimpse of two of Antonia's children in a snap shared on Instagram.
The new 50-year-old posted a picture with her grown up son and daughter, adding "family dinner" as the caption.

Fans were again thrilled to see young Lucia, who is 22-years-old and looking a lot like her famous Aunty.
"Your daughter looks just like Nicole..." a fan commented beneath the photo.
There's definitely something about that smile...
It seems the Kidman clan can't wait to be reunited when it is eventually safe to do so amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald recently, Nicole confessed: "I have my immediate family here, but I don't have my extended family, who are so much a part of me. I can't touch them."
"So many people are in exactly the same position. So many people right now are going, 'When do I see my family again?'"
Here's hoping it won't be too long - and until then, special photos capturing moments together like these will always remind us of our loved ones.
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