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Canne they be anymore in love? Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban kuzzle up

Nicole Kidman just keeps going from strength to strength but her one constant has been her country crooner beau, Mr Keith Urban.

By Chloe Lal
A decade of marriage and two kids has only invigorated the spark between homegrown lovebirds Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.
The Oscar winner stepped out for the 2017 Cannes Film Festival's red carpet, for the premiere of her new film, The Killing of a Sacred Deer.
Nic gave us major Grace Kelly vibes, dressed in a ballerina-inspired Calvin Klein hand-cut silk tulle skirt.
What could top a fairytale look? Being accompanied by your personal Prince Charming!
Nicole dazzles in a ballerina-inspired outfit with her stylist Julia von Boehm explaining the choice was based on "Nicole's very refined sense of fashion.”
The stunning skirt took 150 hours to construct from approximately 180 yards of silk tulle.
The 49-year-old was joined by her dashing leading man.
The couple, who tied the knot back in 2006, seemed liked newlyweds as they showed off their signature move - The Kuzzle.
The affection between Nic and Keith was at an all time high, with the pair unable to keep their hands off each other.
Clearly in a great mood, the starlet also shared a friendly cuddle with her film co-star, Colin Farrell... But it was clear she only had eyes for man.
At one point, the mum-of-two was so overcome with emotion for Keith, she was snapped wiping away tears.
During the prestigious event, Nicole gushed that she felt "lucky" to be married to the singer.
Speaking at the festival, Nicole admitted she feels “lucky” to be married to the Grammy winner.
The pair were the picture of love back in 2013 when they attended the film festival...
And clearly nothing has changed!
“Keith and I always say that we are just so lucky to have each other. In this world, to be able to come back to that love and that strength is so nourishing and powerful," she gushed earlier in the year.
“And I am coming up an 11-year wedding anniversary, 12 years together, and that’s a big thing. And that is through absolute commitment and kindness, the desire to protect and help each other, what our relationship is.”
Keith and Nic, who are the proud parents to their two girls, Sunday, eight, and six-year-old Faith, have confessed that their work never comes before their family's needs.
A kiss for his love.
Nicole was overwhelmed by the exciting evening.
The couple are the proud parents to their two girls, Faith and Sunday.
“My time is precious, I think once you reach a certain age the time becomes incredibly important – you’re like [gasp]."
“I’m raising a six and an eight year old who are in school so there’s only a certain amount of time I can work because of their school year.”
Adding, "That means I pass on things a lot ... because ultimately - and this is just me - my family life is the most important thing to me so I'm not going to jeopardise that in any way shape or form."
But it's clear Nicole's career is at an all time high.
Nicole with her The Killing of a Sacred Deer family. The actress is very fond of her co-star Colin Farrell.
But clearly her favourite role is wife to Keith Urban.
At this year's festival, the actress is promoting four films: Top of the Lake, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, The Beguiled, and How to Talk to Girls at Parties.
“To have four projects here, that is sort of a confluence of events,” Nicole said on Monday morning at a Cannes press conference for The Killing of a Sacred Deer.
“It is not something I was aware would happen.”
“I am just trying to stay very bold and open and try things and support filmmakers that I believe in," the homegrown beauty revealed during a press conference at Cannes.
She continued, “I am at that point of my life where I am trying to act as though I am 21 and starting my career.”
“I have worked a lot. I don’t have to work. I work because it is still my passion. It is still the way in which I express myself."
We can't wait to see more spectacular moments from our favourite couple.

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