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Natalie Imbruglia dishes on her former celebrity flames

She’s been rumoured to have shared romances with some of Hollywood’s elite and now Natalie Imbruglia has revealed exactly who is in her little black book.

By Blake Nadilo
In an interview with Red magazine, one of Australia’s most successful pop stars chats candidly about her former suitors and her turbulent life in the spotlight.
The Torn singer divorced Silverchair front-man Daniel Johns in 2008 and admitted: “After my divorce I was doing lots of crazy stuff. That was one good thing that came out of it. You lose the fear.”
The topic of conversation then moved to other men and the singer didn’t hold back when asked about her rumoured past boyfriends.
The journalist began with, “Robbie Williams?” “No. Never happened,” she replied.
On former Friends star David Schwimmer, “Yes, that was a happy relationship,” she continued about Prince Harry, “‘No. I know him. But no.”
Then Gwyneth Paltrow’s ex Chris Martin was the subject as the pair have worked closely together over the years, “we are mates and I haven’t seen him in ages,” she said.
In 2012 Natalie sent tongues wagging when sources revealed that she spent the night at a hotel with One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles, after the wedding of talk show host James Corden.
At the time Harry was 18 and the former Neighbours star was 37, 19 years his senior.
When asked about that short lived tryst, her response was up for interpretation, the reporter wrote: “she looks straight ahead, says ‘no’ and rolls her eyes,” he noted though, “I’d say that’s a yes for what it’s worth.”
In what was candid interview, the Sydney-born girl explained her desire for children, “I definitely want children… I am not at that point yet but I am not opposed to the idea. I’ve got time.”
Whoever becomes “Mr Imbruglia”, the 40-year-old said it was important for him to be successful, although she added: “but I have had exes who were incredibly successful, yet they told me that being ‘Mr Imbruglia’ was an issue for them. I was gobsmacked.”
We’re just happy to hear that our girl is no longer torn!

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