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Details about Samantha Armytage and 60 minutes’ Michael Usher’s would-be-romance revealed!

It seems the sun didn’t rise on the romance between Samantha Armytage and Michael Usher after mutual friend Natalie Barr tried to play match maker.

By Blake Nadilo
They’re two of Sydney’s most prominent journalists, but not even charming newsreader Natalie Barr could fan a flame between Sunrise host Samantha Armytage and 60 minutes veteran reporter Michael Usher.
After a slew of fizzled relationships for Sam and a divorce for Michael, mutual friend Natalie Barr saw the opportunity for potential romance between the journos.
Daily Telegraph’s Confidential reported that the Sunrise newsreader tried her hand at playing cupid by inviting both Sam and Michael over to her place for a casual barbeque.
The duo hit it off and decided to make plans for a more intimate dinner at a restaurant.
The publication reported that the 60 Minutes presenter was looking forward to his date with the blonde beauty before she changed the location last minute to avoid a being photographed.
Sunrise newsreader Natalie Barr played Cupid for Michael Usher and Samantha Armytage
Instead Sam suggested a dinner at her place, although Michael happily obliged, Daily Telegraph’s Confidential revealed he was surprised to find out that he wasn’t the only man in the room that night.
Unknowingly to Michael, the 37-year-old also invited her long-time pal and Sunrise Executive Producer Michael Pell, as well as his boyfriend Sam Rogers.
A friend of the Perth-raised journo told Confidential, “Michael thought he was going on a date with Sam, and was surprised to find he was dating Michael [Pell] too.”
When asked about the romantic tryst, Sam explained: “Michael Usher and I are mates.”
Before adding: “We had organised to catch up for dinner at a restaurant but I thought if we went out and were photographed, people might think we were dating!”
It seems nothing can get between Sam and her bestie, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

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