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Nadia Bartel's estranged husband Jimmy Bartel was edited out of The Full Monty: Ladies' Night


By Alex Lilly
On Sunday night, Nadia Bartel joined an Aussie all-star cast and bared all live on national television during The All New Monty: Ladies' Night, to raise awareness about breast cancer and women's health.
The appearance comes shortly after her highly publicised split with her AFL player ex Jimmy Bartel, but seeing as the show was filmed in March, one person in the audience was noticeably absent.
When Nadia was introduced on screen, the fashion influencer only mentioned her ex as the father of her two sons, three-year-old Aston and 10-month-old Henley.
"It's been a tough time for me recently personally," Nadia said in a piece to camera during the show regarding their split. "It's just so painful."
"I'm hoping with Ladies' Night it'll give me more confidence," she said. "Obviously we're there for the cause, but I think it will be great for me to put myself out there, doing something that is defintely totally out of my comfort zone."
"It's been a tough time for me recently personally," Nadia said of her split with Jimmy Bartel. (Image: Channel Seven)
In the final performance, the ladies performed a stellar routine to This Is Me to a standing ovation, with many of their family members and friends in the audience.
As the show was filmed back in March when Nadia and Jimmy were still a couple, the AFL player was in the audience to cheer his wife on and can be seen in the front row clapping along in the promo, dressed in a black shirt.
However, in the special that aired, we only caught a glimpse of Nadia's ex in the audience.
"He will have to be edited from Ladies' Night. He was in the audience and he was definitely in cutaways," an insider told the Herald Sun in early September.
Jimmy can be seen in the Ladies' Night trailer... (Image: Channel Seven)
...but this blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment was all we saw of him in the special. (Image: Channel Seven)
The special was met with rave reviews, with many viewers taking to Twitter to praise the cast for their bravery and raising awareness of a very real issue.
Many applauded singer Casey Donovan for her strength and honesty, as well as being an inspiration for larger women to rock their confidence.
Some even called for the show to be an annual event, something we'd definitely be keen to see!
Home and Away's Lynne McGranger agreed to do the show in honour of her late co-star Belinda Emmett, who passed away at the age of 32 due to breast cancer.
"I clearly remember her sitting in the makeup chair [saying] 'I've got a little lump'," Lynne told the show's choreographer Todd McKenney and co-star Georgie Parker."It would be my great honour to do it."
Watch the clip in the player below.

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