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Nadia Bartel admits “every day is tough” after splitting with husband Jimmy

The AFL WAG and businesswoman is speaking publicly about her marriage breakdown.

By Erin Doyle
For years, Nadia and Jimmy Bartel were one of the IT couples of the AFL scene until their marriage spectacularly imploded.
In August 2019, it was discovered Nadia and Jimmy had unfollowed each other on Instagram and were both spotted out and about without their wedding rings.
Not long after, Jimmy debuted his new relationship with Lauren Mand, who he reportedly met in London while still married to Nadia.
In a new interview with Stellar magazine, Nadia, who shares sons Aston, four, and Henley, one, admits she is still struggling with the aftermath of their marriage breakdown eight months down the track.
"This is never what I thought would happen," she told the magazine, "Every day is tough."
Jimmy and Nadia hit the headlines when they split last year. Image: Getty
Nadia added that the very public nature of her high–profile split made life even more difficult as she was forced to deal with intense backlash from trolls who declared Jimmy had "upgraded" with his new girlfriend.
"Just because [you] date or are married to a sportsperson, people think you're fair game; you can say whatever you want. If you look at any other industry, do you critique their partner like that?" she said.
Nadia also touched on the J'Aton Couture she wore to the her first appearance at the Bronlows without Jimmy in September, which was deemed her "revenge dress" due to how stunning she looked in it.
"Yes, fashion is fashion. But I also know the difference a good dress or the right hair can make to your confidence," Nadia explained. READ NEXT: EXCLUSIVE: How a green dress ruined Nadia Bartel's marriage
Jimmy with new girlfriend Lauren. Image: Instagram
Nadia in her viral revenge dress at the 2019 Brownlows. Image: Getty
While Nadia has previously hinted she was devastated about her marriage collapse and Jimmy moving on with Lauren, she said her two children are now her top priority.
"It's been a very difficult month for me and the boys," Nadia told The Herald Sun in August, shortly after the couple's split was confirmed.
"Although I'm heartbroken, I don't want to comment specifically on what's been reported about Jim's trip to the UK as I don't think that is in anyone's interests."
"My single focus now is to continue to protect, care and provide for my two beautiful boys as this is a personal matter. I am so thankful for my very supportive family and friends."
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Nadia says she's focusing on being a mum to Aston and Henley. Image: Instagram

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