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“My personal life was in the sh---er” Sandra Bullock gives a hilariously honest speech and proves why she’s the greatest

In our eyes Sandra Bullock can do no wrong, she’s beautiful, funny and smart, and during the Women in Film awards recently she again proved why she is worthy of the world’s admiration.

By Blake Nadilo
At 50 Sandra Bullock is as beautiful as ever, stunning at the Women in Film awards in LA on Tuesday and it wasn’t just her breath-taking outfit that caught our attention, she gave a speech about female empowerment that left us feeling warm and fuzzy inside.
At the event, the mum-of-one presented an award to Warner Bros marketing chief and all round impressive woman Sue Kroll.
“A few years ago when a project might not have gone the way I hoped, she never gave me that look of, 'Oh honey, your personal life is in the sh---ter, now your career needs to evolve,’” she told the star-studded room about her friend and colleague, clearly giving reference to her former husband Jesse James’ cheating scandal.
She earlier expressed: “Sometimes there's an uber powerful female who's responsible for this shift, someone who is stronger and more powerful than the rest of us. The instigator or the lady time-shifter, as I like to call it."
"I've had the honour of working aside such a lady for many many years. For many many years I had no idea what she did for a living. She never offered and I never asked. I'm an actress. We don't care what anyone else does for a living.”
Not one to keep things serious all the time, the funny lady quipped: “There's so much power in this room right now, we're all going to be on the same menstrual cycle after tonight.”
The Miss Congeniality star was full of praise for Sue, as she added: “I saw her being tactful and calm when others are not. I saw her be a partner when most are afraid to break away from the status quo."
Sandy, who has always been open about the importance of powerful women, ended her hilarious and rousing speech with further thoughts about the recipient of the award.
“She knows, that as women, if we do not we do not reach out a hand for our fellow women on the steep climb of the corporate ladder, we will never enjoy the success."
"Without sisters by our side, who would understand," the Oscar winner poignantly concluded.
Love your work Sandy B!
Sandra Bullock and her friend and recipient of the ward Sue Kroll

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