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My Kitchen Rules' Secret Feud: Kim and Suong can't stand each other!

The Melbourne mums could hardly bear to cook together.

It should have been the happiest moment of their lives – getting through to the My Kitchen Rules finale – but behind closed doors, sources tell Woman's Day the relationship between teammates Kim and Suong was so bad they almost didn't make it!
"It was an open secret on 
set the girls couldn't stand each other," spills an insider.
"Three months into filming their relationship was so bad they asked producers if they could live in separate apartments."
"They barely spoke to each other off camera and when they attended press events together they would completely ignore one another, and they were 
only posing for photos together when they had to…"
The Melbourne mums are no longer friends.
"It was a shock to everyone that they hadn't walked before the finale. It was really only the thought of the prize money that kept them going!"
In fact, the coveted $250,000 became yet another reason for the girls to fight. When Kim, 
38, chose to temporarily leave the competition for personal reasons during the group challenges, Suong, also 38, 
got her back up.
"When Kim left, Suong decided it'd be unfair if her teammate got half the prize money, because she was essentially left to do all the 
hard work by herself".
"They can't stand each other..."
And sources say it wasn't just the pressures of the high-profile TV show that got to them.

It appears the cracks in the Melbourne mums' friendship started a long time ago.
"They didn't just clash in the kitchen. Kim is very old-school and holds traditional values, while Suong is a lot more down-to-earth and easygoing," adds our source.
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Now it's unlikely the girls will have anything to do with each other after the show is over.
Kim has already confirmed she and Suong won't be embarking on any joint ventures.
"I wouldn't go into business with Suong. I want to open something for myself. If we went into business, it would break us," she told TV Week.
"They didn't just clash in the kitchen. Kim is very old-school and holds traditional values, while Suong is a lot more down-to-earth and easygoing."
"We need a break from each other and time to be ourselves. Then maybe we'll come back together down the line."
"Being together through something so stressful is difficult. We had a lot of arguments, because Suong doesn't take my advice."
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