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Child star Mara Wilson is all grown up but don't use THIS word around her

Mara Wilson was the face of '90s family cinema and now at the age 29, the actress is reminiscing about her time in the spotlight.

By Chloe Lal
Let's go back to a time where Robin Williams was your favourite nanny, your teacher could adopt you and Santa Clause was your best friend.
This was the on-screen life for Mara Wilson.
The actress is undoubtedly one of the most recognised child stars from '90s.
Mara chatted to Today Extra's Sonia Kruger and David Campbell about being a Hollywood actress.
The 29-year-old was a beloved child star.
Her piercing blue eyes, cheeky grin and those brown locks tied up with a signature ribbon resonated with kids across the globe.
The ribbon may be gone, but Mara still has sass in spades.
Mara in New York, earlier this year.
Now 29, the actress chatted to Sonia Kruger and David Campbell on Today Extra.
And she shared one very clear message - she hates being called cute.
"I appreciate the word cute in its own way, but when I was young and cute, I felt like I was being reduced to that, I felt like it was out of my control," she said via satellite.
"As I grew up, I didn't really fit Hollywood's image anymore and my decision was, okay, do I want to get plastic surgery and try to live in this world where I feel a bit out of control for, you know, some moments of fun and some enjoyment, or do I want to try to find my own way and do my own thing?"
Then and now: Mara still has her trademark smile.
These days Mara is an acclaimed author, penning her book Where Am I Now?.
She's also made a small return to the screen, lending her voice to TV series BoJack Horseman.
Mara made a name for herself following her roles in Mrs Doubtfire, Miracle On 34th Street and of course Matilda.
Speaking about how she got into the industry, the 29-year-old confessed it wasn't as much of an effort as some would expect.
"I grew up in southern California, and here childhood acting isn't that big of a deal."
"I started doing some commercials for fun and on a whim decided to audition for this movie called *Mrs Doubtfire' and I ended up getting it."
Adding, "And my family thought it would be a fun adventure, something we put in scrap books, but then I got cast in another movie and another movie and another movie and another movie and another movie and I became accidentally semi-famous!"

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