Grateful today, and every day: Celebrity tributes flow for Mother's Day

Despite difficult circumstances, these well-known faces made the best of the special day.

By Jess Pullar
From near and afar, our mothers have an uncanny ability to provide love and support to their children unlike anyone else.
Seriously, how do they just know when we're having an off day? How is their advice always so incredibly on-point? And for the love of all things good how do they always find that thing we've been looking for for hours, within a matter of moments?
Whichever way you look at it, mums are pretty darn special in our eyes, no matter where they are.
For Australia's most well known faces, this couldn't be any truer.
Falling on May 10 this year, Mother's Day has been a little different as the world battles the spread of COVID-19, and many are forced to stay within the confines of their homes and avoid visitors.
But global pandemic or not, love always wins - and these celebrities have proved as much with an outpouring of love for their mums.
Keep scrolling as we look at some of the loveliest Mother's Day posts shared by Aussie celebrities.