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It's a full house! Moana Hope and Isabella Carlstrom welcome an exciting new addition to their family

Their brood is growing!

By Faye Couros
Less than a year after welcoming their daughter, Svea, into the world in November 2020, Moana Hope and her wife, Isabella Carlstrom, have added a new member to their family.
As if having a baby wasn't enough, the couple decided they are up for the challenge of raising a "fur baby" beside Svea.
Of course, by just looking at their puppy, it's easy to see why the couple fell in love with the Australian shepherd because he's truly a beauty.

Moana took to her Instagram to share the exciting news with a slew (but somehow not enough) of pictures of their dog named Obi.
She wrote, "Meet Obi. He is the newest furr baby addition to our family 🐶❤️ #aussieshepherd #puppylove #pets #Obi."
The young family is clearly not planning to slow down anytime soon - just a few weeks ago Moana and Isabella announced they purchased their first home.
It was an exciting move for Moana, who revealed her struggles to find secure housing throughout her life.
"I've lived paycheque to paycheque. I couldn't afford rent. I've been evicted from houses and lived in a caravan," wrote the 33-year-old.
"I've even slept on a friend's sofa and had my utilities cut off. I've been knocked down more than you could imagine and… I did this. We did this.
"I've worked full time since I was 17, and we have been saving every cent we could. Growing up, the only way I thought I'd ever buy a house is if I won the lotto."
The young family in front of their first home. Instagram
However, a pup and a dream home aren't the end of the family's goals for 2021.
In December of 2020, merely a month after Svea was born via IVF, Moana told the Herald Sun she wants to get pregnant in 2021.
"I am the one who is going to get pregnant next," Moana told the publication.
"We are going to start trying mid next year through Monash IVF.
"We are going to have the same donor for all babies." Instagram
"We are going to have the same donor for all babies, I say all babies because we plan on having three and Belle will do the third."
In a couple of weeks, the pair will be celebrating their second wedding anniversary, and they will no doubt have a lot to be grateful for.