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Fans left shocked as Big Brother star is reported dead

Mystery surrounds the circumstances of the 38-year-old TV star.

By Jess Pullar
Fans are shocked after reports emerge that Big Brother and There's Something About Miriam star Miriam Rivera is dead.
Mail Online has reported the transgender reality star and model Miriam died in February at age 38.
The news of her death has shocked fans, who are suspicious about the true cause of her death, which, according to the publication, was by suicide.
It is understood the incident occurred in Mexico.
The starlet rose to fame in 2004 when she starred in There's Something About Miriam, a show where six men vyed for the heart of Miriam, who was later revealed to be transgender in the final episode.
The then 21-year-old's show was put under heavy scrutiny when the men competing in the show sued the network.
Later, Rivera appeared in a guest capacity on Big Brother.
Maria appeared on Big Brother Australia. (Network Ten)
In the show, she revealed to the contestants that she was "born as a man".
It is believed Miriam was born in in Northwestern Mexican state Sonora in a city named Hermosillo.
She had a husband, Daniel Cuervo, who told Mail Online that the circumstances around her death were suspicious.
Miriam also appeared on contraversial TV show There's Something About Miriam. (Network Ten)
Friend Jeanett Ortoft wrote on Facebook that she was "the shiniest star on earth".
Sharing a number of pictures of herself and Miriam, the friend penned the sweet tribute: "RIP, dearest Miriam. Jan 1981 - Feb 2019. The news about you being taken away from this world far too early and in this way broke my heart and left me in shock and tears.
"You made a huge difference for me and so many other people around this planet. Your life was too short, but you made it remarkable."
Our thoughts are with Miriam's friends and family as they process the sad news.
If you need help, call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or visit lifeline.org.au.
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