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NEW REPORT: Miley Cyrus' lesbian fling is fake, a friend says

They're just obviously messing with their two ex-husbands.

By Rebecca Sullivan
You know that old saying? In order to get over someone, you need to get under someone else? Well, that's exactly what Miley Cyrus appears to be doing.
Just hours after Miley and her husband Liam Hemsworth announced their split on the weekend, the 26-year-old wasted no time in living out the ultimate post-breakup cliche, kissing her friend and ex-wife of American reality star (and son of Caitlyn Jenner), Brody Jenner, in a series of very public displays of affection.
Miley and Kaitlynn Carter are currently on holiday in Italy have been living it up on Instagram, posting thirsty bikini photos, all the while being papped making out on a yacht.
But now a friend of Miley and Kaitlynn has come out claiming the entire spectacle is a fake charade all designed to drum up media attention and get back at both their exes - and damn, it sure appears to be working!
Brandon Thomas Lee, who is the star of the reboot season of The Hills, so moves in the same circles as Kaitlynn's ex Brody Jenner (he also happens to be Pamela Anderson's son - wild!), reckons all this PDA is just for show.
"I was just like, 'This is getting out of hand,'" Brandon told E! News' Daily Pop.
"This whole thing is just so, like—I don't know. I didn't even want to get involved with it. It just seems so fake to me."
Kaitlynn and Miley have been posting up a storm on Instagram. Instagram
The stunning pair were papped making out on a boat. Instagram
Brandon claims that Miley and Kaitlynn are milking their relationship for the cameras in order to make their ex-husbands jealous.
"They're just obviously messing with their two ex-husbands. And they're all friends. So, it's like, they were all friends. So, why? It just seems so ridiculous to me," Brandon said.
When asked if "something went down" with the pair before Miley and Liam officially split, Brandon said: "I don't know. They're all so crazy. would almost probably assume that ... I have no interest in this situation at all. Like, zero per cent. I was just curious as of why this blew up so much, and I forgot Miley has so many fans."
A source told E! News Miley and Kaitlynn have been friends for a while and recently bonded over their very public breakups.
Brandon Lee (right) with his The Hills co-stars Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port. Getty
Brandon Lee (left) with his mother Pamela Anderson. Getty
Yesterday afternoon, Liam broke his silence on the split, sharing an image of a sunset along with a caption that addressed the separation that's shocked the world.
"Hi all, Just a quick note to say that Miley and I have recently separated," he wrote.
The actor then shared an unexpected message for his wife, stating: "I wish her nothing but health and happiness going forward."
The post continued: "This is a private matter and I have not made, nor will I be making, any comments to any journalists or media outlets."
Liam added: "Any reported quotes attributed to me are false. Peace and Love."
Liam and Miley sharing a sweet moment at the Met Gala in May this year. Getty
Liam's post follows comments he reportedly told the Daily Mail yesterday.
After being approached by a reporter, the publication states he said: "You don't understand what it's like," before adding, "I don't want to talk about it, mate."
Meanwhile, Miley has also cryptically addressed the split via Instagram, sharing a series of images of herself standing amongst mountainside scenery writing: "Don't fight evolution, because you will never win."
WATCH BELOW: A complete timeline of Miley and Liam's relationship. Story continues after video.
Miley and Liam met in 2008 on the set of The Last Song, a romantic movie based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks.
They went public with their relationship in 2010 and became engaged in 2012, but broke it off a year later and then reunited in 2015 before their low-key wedding in December 2018.

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