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Mila Kunis reveals she and Ashton Kutcher were originally friends with benefits

The actress just confessed she and her husband began their relationship with a hilariously scandalous pact!

By Elizabeth Best
Mila Kunis just admitted the REAL reason she and Ashton Kutcher got together.
The Forgetting Sarah Marshall star has admitted that art imitated life when she first started being interested in her now-husband.
The actress just confessed that she and her star hubby had a, shall we say, “casual arrangement” going before they started officially dating.
The situation the two found themselves in was VERY similar to the plots of the movies they were each starring in at the time.
Ashton in No Strings Attached with Natalie Portman, and Mila in Friends With Benefits with Justin Timberlake.
Check out how the pair first met on screen in That 70s Show! Post continues.
What a cheeky way to start a relationship!
"I don't know if I should tell this story, I could get in trouble for it!" she told Sirius XM in an interview.
"We were in similar movies and we should have paid attention to them because this doesn't work in real life!"
Mila admitted the scandalous story in a recent interview.
Meanwhile Ashton doesn't look like he was complaining!
"We clearly didn't pay attention and we shook hands on it and said we would just have fun," Mila said. "We literally lived out our movies."
The 32-year-old mother says the two never even intended to date let alone get married, as both had been in long term relationships before.
Mila says baby Wyatt has a VERY cute explanation for where babies come from… See it in the video below. Post continues.
But when they couldn’t hide the fact that they had feelings for each other, the pair got together officially.
Meanwhile Mila just debuted a hot new haircut on the red carpet of her new movie Bad Moms.
The stylish bob looked effortless alongside her outfit of a super cute jumpsuit that showed off her baby bump.
Whoa! Loving the shorter locks!
Mila showed off her growing bump with the stylish jumpsuit.
Don’t fret, though, Mila hasn’t chopped all her locks off.
She revealed that it’s just a little hairdressing trick of tucking it all underneath.
We think it looks good enough that she should get the chop in real life!

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